The need for a system!

The number one way to be successful in Network Marketing is by having a system that can duplicate. The most successful Network Marketers in the world will tell you having a system that people can follow and that is simple is key.

The V8 system is exactly that. It is a system that teaches you how to build your network marketing business and how to become leaders. The main focus is to duplicate leaders by teaching business development and personal development. But where did it come from?

Don’t re-invent the wheel

Jim Dornan is a distributor that created a system called Network TwentyOne. By using his system he has created a network that produces 3 billion dollars of revenue for his company Amway. These same ideas and skills were put together into a system called System 7 that Otto Balogh created and implemented along with Kenton Worthington and Vaczy Karoly. Together they developed Nu Skin in Eastern Europe and continue to dominate the market. The success and explosive growth that occurred in Eastern Europe was due to creating System 7 to follow with out any excuses. The Eastern Europe market sky rocketed thanks to having a system that people could plug into and follow. This same system was given to a few of the distributors from Thailand 2 years ago and since that time Thailand has become Nu Skin’s fastest growing market. The sales have gone from $38 million to $200 million in 2 short years! This is massive growth! How can a market grow so fast? Could it be because of having a system? Yes!

Because of our close relationship with Kenton we have been able to create the V8 system which is a replica of System 7. It has been enhanced to work specifically in the unique market of Vietnam. The work flow and principles taught in system 7 are followed with out any variations. We do not believe re-inventing a perfect system that works. The V8 added an additional area to meet the demands and importance of product education and also a section to help aid in self development and leadership.

The focus of the V8 system is to bring business principles and teach the successful habits people use to build a long lasting network marketing business by developing leaders through a system of business and personal development.

Kenton Worthington is one of the most dynamic leaders in the Nu Skin community.
When he started with Nu Skin in 2003, Kenton wondered if there was a place for him in a 19 year old company that had already created over 400 millionaires. He soon learned that with the right mentors and training system, he could become a top income earner in the company. He now ranks among the top distributors in Nu Skin as well as the industry.
Kenton is an expert in international new market development. He has helped pioneer this incredible business opportunity on nearly every continent including Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. He is most well known for his extensive work and success in markets like Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia and Turkey. He has also helped pioneer markets like South Africa, China and Colombia. He currently has business in over 25 countries.
Top Nu Skin executives attest that through Kenton’s leadership, Eastern European markets have fueled the worldwide momentum now felt by all Nu Skin distributors.

Nathan Ricks, Team Elite and One Team Global Founder has had an unparalleled impact on the Nu Skin business. Not only did he create a distributor force of 100,000 representatives in 24 months but has held his position as a Team Elite from 1989 to Present, Nathan Ricks has developed his worldwide sales organization called One Team Global (OTG) that has in excess of 500,000 distributors in 43 countries.
One Team Global is consistently responsible for the sale of over $600,000,000 of Nu Skin/Pharmanex products annually. Nathan was also a key force in the launch of Nu Skin Japan where it achieved the record highest first year sales of any foreign company in Japan’s history. Year 1 sales totaling $135 million.

Melissa Mae started her career as and entrepreneur early in life. While attending University had a standard job that paid hourly wages. She quickly learned that other people in the company were making 5 times more then she was as sales representatives. At the age of 19 she decided she never wanted to trade her time for money again and would rather find ways to create money. She took a different position with in the company and learned how to do outside sales. With in 2 months she became the top sale rep and maintained the top producing position for 3 years while she finished her degree in International Business. After University, Melissa knew that if she wanted to have financial freedom and time freedom, she would have to own her own business. At the age of 22 she started investing in real estate and started a marketing company that grew to span 12 states across America. She owned and operated that company for 7 successful years. Her expertise was in developing systems that helped her train sales reps and inspire them to learn and educate themselves in business development and personal development. This allowed Melissa to enjoy a small amount of time freedom. But the one problem she was not able to over come in her traditional business was the ability to duplicate her efforts and multiple her sales force. Her business model simply could not work that way.

In 2010 Melissa was seeking a mentor and a new opportunity. She knew she was capable of creating larger organization and wanted to be inspired by someone who had accomplished greatness. A few friends mentioned the name Kenton Worthington to her and after a bit of research she discovered the golden opportunity of Nu Skin in Vietnam. This was everything she was looking for and she knew Kenton was a man she had to meet. She tracked him down and asked him to teach her the business so she could move to Vietnam and become one of the strongest leaders. Kenton and Melissa believe you will become like the people you surround yourself with, if you want to be successful… hang out with successful people. Kenton quickly introduced Melissa to Jake Taylor and Troy Holzer and she knew this was the circle of influence she had been looking for. Together they are empowering the people in Vietnam to reach their potential and become the leader they have with in.

“Life is about the experiences you have and the relationships you develop. I am grateful to all the people I have met from my world travels that have helped me open my mind and see things from many different perspectives. When you change the world will change!”

-Melissa Mae

In 2002 Icon Security Inc. made its debut into the home security industry by becoming one of the top 10 largest home security companies in just their first year of business. Over the next 7 years, Jake Taylor, along with his two partners, would grow Icon Security into a large international company, providing jobs for over 1,200 people and boasting revenues of over 30M per year. Jake’s expertise was in recruiting, training and overseeing the general sales production of over 450 sales representatives. After growing Icon Security into one of the most successful security companies in the industry, Jake and his partners sold Icon to a private equity investment company called Golden Gate capitol in 2008.

For the next two years Jake continued working with Golden Gate Capitol as the Vice President of Sales Production over the Icon division. In 2010 he would make a decision that would change his life forever. In August of the prior year, Jake was introduced to Kenton Worthington and Nathan Ricks, two of the top leaders in the Network Marketing Industry and two of the top income earners within Nu Skin Enterprises. Because of his business background, Jake quickly recognized the 5 key principals of wealth that were alive and well within Nu Skin. After a doing some research he made the decision to leave the home security industry and join the Nu Skin family. Together with Lance Orlob he started to grow his Nu Skin business and under the guidance and council of Nathan and Kenton Jake started to invest in the Vietnam market. He quickly found a partner that spoke Vietnamese named Troy Holzer and knew that Troy would be a powerful leader and partner. Since that time, he has worked almost exclusively in pre-marketing Vietnam. His favorite thing about Nu Skin is the people he gets to work with. Jake loves his team members and loves helping them accomplish their goals. His greatest treasure is his family of 4 kids, Hallie, Savannah, Christian and Brooks and his beautiful wife Stephanie.

Since selling my company a year and a half ago, I have been looking for a new business opportunity to get involved with. When I was first introduced to this business I was very skeptical. However, after doing my due diligence I saw, what I believe to be, the best business opportunity available to anyone. This vehicle can truly provide people with the financial and time freedom that everyone wants, but few have..”

-Jake Taylor

Troy Holzer is a Certified Insurance Counselor and for 7.5 years worked for one of the largest independent insurance agencies in Utah. After his second year in the business he was the #1 new business producer and created a multi-million dollar book of insurance business. He was the #1 producer every year until he left the company. While building his insurance business he was also an avid real estate investor building a real estate portfolio of 28 apartment units.

Troy learned the how to speak Vietnamese in Texas while serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. For 2 years Troy lived with in the Vietnamese community, loving and serving the people. He has a very large heart and more importantly a desire to learn more and more about the deep and enriching culture of the Vietnamese. Because of his unique language skill and his impressive business background Troy was approached to join Team NSV. At first he was not sure it was the right opportunity and actually decided not to be involved. After a few short months, Troy saw the vision and knew that it was the best opportunity he would ever see. In 2011 Troy left traditional business to be involved with Nu Skin full time and has been involved in developing Vietnam ever since. He has been married to his gorgeous wife Carisa for 4.5 years and they have two beautiful little boys.

“I have always known that I would need to own my own business to achieve financial freedom. There are many business opportunities available and I have looked at nearly all of them. What I found with Nu Skin is the ability to own my own business, with no overhead, no employees, and unlimited income potential. This is simply the greatest business and financial opportunity you can find.”

-Troy Holzer

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